The only one
‘Automatic chamber for research’

  necessary for studying plants using hydroponics

The only one ‘Automatic chamber for research’ necessary for studying plants using hydroponics

‘The automatic chamber for research’ is
a cultivation system for research based on the technology of Neulpureunchae. When Neulpureunchae signed a joint research agreement with Gyeonggi Provincial Agricultural Research & Extension Services in 2011, there was no equipment for research in the nation. These chambers, devices for research requiring more accurate measurement and recording, have been used by various research institutes.
Automatic research chambers are precision research devices. They have been used by universities, company labs and agricultural institutes.
   Specifications of automatic research chambers


Main components and systems researched and developed by Neulpureunchae

- Nontoxic double insulation water way
- Mobile growing beds
- Low-heat LED [red 660nm blue 450nm white] exclusively for growing plants
- Precision systems for automatically stirring and supplying nutrient solutions [measure EC, pH in real time]
- Precision environment control systems (temperature, humidity, air currents and CO2)
- 7-inch touch screens for control and management

* All products and systems of Neulpureunchae are installed and constructed by the company.