• 2017. 12

    Completed a small and medium-sized plant factory for Hanam Jeonggane Bapsang.
  • 2017. 05

    Completed facilities for a grocery research institute at Soongsil University.
  • 2016. 01

    Exported products to foreign countries: Japan, England, the U.S., China, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Germany, Mongol, UAE, etc.
  • 2015. 02

    Participated in the 20th Gultfood 2015, the world food fair held in Dubai.
  • 2015. 02

    Completed facilities for a coffee shop named Namuneyo floart in front of Hongik University.
  • 2015. 01

    Completed facilities for KISWIRE main office in Busan.
  • 2015. 01

    Delivered a chamber-type plant growing system which automatically controls the environment to Rural Development Administration.
  • 2014. 02

    Installed a system at a cafeteria of Gyeonggi Provincial Office.
  • 2014. 01

    Successfully performed the project to develop and commercialize a LED system for Foundation of Agricultural Technology Commercialization & Transfer (2014~2015).
  • 2013. 09

    Delivered important materials to a plant factory in Okinawa, Japan.
  • 2013. 06

    Delivered important materials to a plant factory of International St. Mary’s Hospital in Incheon.
  • 2013. 02

    Completed facilities of a plant factory of Santorini Café in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.
  • 2013. 02

    Concluded a joint R&D agreement with Soongsil University and completed research facilities of a plant factory.
  • 2013. 01

    Completed the second development of LED lamps exclusively for growing plants and development of a system for plant factories.
  • 2012. 05

    Applied for a patent and design, and started selling domestically and exporting products to Japan
  • 2012. 02

    Completed development of LED lamps exclusively for growing plants, components exclusively for hydroponic cultivation, materials and molds.
  • 2011. 06

    Exhibited its products at Gyeonggi provincial Mulhyanggi Arboretum under the sponsorship of Gyeonggi Provincial Agricultural Research & Extension Services.
  • 2011. 06

    'Launched Neulpureunchae hydroponic machines.'
  • 2011. 01

    Concluded an agreement to conduct joint research with Gyeonggi Provincial Agricultural Research & Extension Services ‘for development of home and commercial hydroponic machines.’